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Category Selection > HORI RAP V3/V4/VX SA, 4 Kai, V Plexi & Artwork (KAI Versions available)

All orders are Made-to-Order and can take from 10 to 14 days to ship.

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Artwork is laser printed on high quality cardstock and then laser cut to specified panel configurations with button insert cutouts.
Sample showing artwork and plexi applied on top of fight stick. *Plexi not included*
Artwork Print and Cut - HRAP 4/V KAI & Switch

For artwork preparations and submission details, please visit the Useful information Section, under Artwork Information

Configuration (Select the format of your Plexi Cover) :

Regular 8 Buttons

First 6 Buttons

Last 6 Buttons

Vewlix 7 Buttons

Button Cutout Options
Seimitsu Button Insert Cutouts
Sanwa Button Insert Cutouts

Optional Cut Options
Do NOT Cut Start button
DO NOT CUT Bottom middle Screw
* Due to the bottom middle screw being so close to the bottom button, it may cause some discomfort. Therefore, the option to not cut the bottom middle screw is available.

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