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Razer Panthera Installation

So some of you may already know by now that the Razer Panthera doesn't have an easy way to remove the plastic cover as it's directly adhered to the metal panel. The method we used to is to gently pry it off with a sturdy paint scraper.

First off, remove the buttons and balltop. Then carefully nudge the scraper in between the panel, a little at a time to prevent accidentally slipping and scratching the other parts of the fightstick. As you push the scraper deeper, you can start to lift it up a little at a time. Move the scraper around as you pull the plastic cover up.

When you get half way into the panel, try doing the same thing starting from the opposite side. With patience, you should be able to peel the top panel off without damaging it, although the image on the panel may be pulled off from the adhesive.

With the panel off, you'll see where the adhesive remains. Simply use some "Goo Gone" (or similar product) and patiently clean off the adhesive.

When that's done, you'll notice the four outer most corners with the screws. You only need to remove these 4 screws (and keep them safe). After that, you can apply our Artwork, sandwich it with our Plexi, then apply the 4 screws back on and you're done!

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